Preston Mertins Presidential Questionnaire

  1. Name. Preston Mertins
  2. School and Year in School. Colby High School, Senior
  3. Why did you decide to run for President? Many people have suggested me to run and think that I sound like I would be well suited for the job.
  4. Why do you deserve your party’s endorsement for President? I don’t really deserve it, I wouldn’t think of it like that, but I would like to see where I would fit if this were to really happen 20 years from now.
  5. If elected President, what would be your first item of action and why? I would like to focus on the national budget and get that secure. I don’t like the idea of debt and we owe billions upon billions of dollars to foreign countries.
  6. Jobs and the economy have been the central themes of recent elections, what would you do to help improve our nation’s economy and create more jobs? I would focus on education and help the teachers more on what they do to help educate our future generations. I would also like to keep and make more jobs in the States, helping reduce unemployment rates and boost our economy.
  7. What do you think is our biggest threat to national security, and what action would you take to combat that threat? I believe that the biggest threat is hacking. This is hard to approach as you have to hack to hack the hacker. I would like to increase security passcodes on personal and national accounts. Making payments paperless is the reason why this is an issue, maybe we can reduce the amount of uses that can be used through technology to prevent it.
  8. Immigration has been a hot­button issue in this Presidential campaign season. Would you institute any type of immigration reform, and if so, what would that reform look like? Immigration is why our country is great. With the help from people around the world we have more people to boost our economy.
  9. What is your stance on gun control and what measures, if any, would you take to change the current laws regarding guns? I believe that every person has the right to bear arms and how many they ever so chose.
  10. What is your stance on the Affordable Care Act? Do you think it needs to be repealed, refined or expanded? How? I think it is effective in getting people financial aid when they have medical issues. We can’t stop this Act as it will run people into bankruptcy and unemployment rates and homelessness will increase as medical bills are extremely high.
  11. What issues are most important to your campaign and why? National Budget and Education. It is important to watch what we spend on as a country because we are overspending and we waste money on things we don’t really need. Education is really important too as we will need to depend on future generations to lead this country and be great citizens. Education isn’t something we take great pride in our country, it’s about time we have.
  12. Pick two of the issues you identified in response to question #11. How would you address those issues? I would impose an higher import tax to help bring more money in so we can pay off our trading countries. By doing this more money will flow in so it can go back to them as we depend on them to continue to trust us to keep our end of the bargain by supplying them goods. New forms of energy can help us save more money in the future. Yes, it’ll take time and money to set up programs and convert to cleaner sources, but this is very advantageous and we can save oodles of money which can turn into less spending and a decreased issue of national debt in the future. For education I would like to strengthen the curriculum and help the teachers. They put in lots of time to help students learn and they don’t get the proper treatment they should.
  13. What is one reason delegates should support you over the other candidates? I do well under stress and I like to follow by the rules. I don’t like to play things dirty and I am a very motivated and driven person to get things done. I am rational and take lots of things into consideration before acting upon things.