Matthew T. Stewart Presidential Questionnaire

  1. Name: Matthew T. Stewart
  2. School and Year in School: Colby High School Sophomore
  3. Why did you decide to run for President? I feel like the United States is digging themselves a big hole here in terms of national debt, illegal immigration, homeland security and I want to change all of that i want to cut down on national debt and illegal immigration and then I want to increase our homeland security.
  4. Why do you deserve your party’s endorsement for President? I am someone who is willing to work hard for the people the United States, I understand the issues of today, I can lead and listen to the people’s ideas and concerns, and I will unite this country.
  5. If elected President, what would be your first item of action and why? I would immediately repeal Obamacare because people are taking advantage of the system and the taxpayers of the United States simply will not pay for it anymore.
  6. Jobs and the economy have been the central themes of recent elections, what would you do to help improve our nation’s economy and create more jobs? I would let big businesses grow and expand resulting in more jobs to be filled.
  7. What do you think is our biggest threat to national security, and what action would you take to combat that threat? I think we can all agree our men and women in the services (Armed forces, Police, Firefighters,etc.) do an outstanding job. So we need to increase the funding on those programs to combat our main threat here which would be ISIS.
  8. Immigration has been a hot-button issue in this Presidential campaign season. Would you institute any type of immigration reform, and if so, what would that reform look like? Breaking into the country is not okay. Border control is one of the services that will be funded. Right now the immigrants are coming here illegally and it’s taking years to send them back. That will change because not only are we going to fund border control but we are going actually enforce it like we haven’t been under Obama for 8 years.
  9. What is your stance on gun control and what measures, if any, would you take to change the current laws regarding guns? It is our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I do not see the need for having a gun at school. With that being said nobody can take away our right and they won’t.
  10. What is your stance on the Affordable Care Act? Do you think it needs to be repealed, refined or expanded? How? I think it needs to be ended. The taxpayers of the United States are fed up with paying for someone else’s bills and we are going to make sure we repeal it.
  11. What issues are most important to your campaign and why? Immigration, National Debt,
    Pick two of the issues you identified in response to question #11. How would you address those issues? Immigration because “A nation without borders, is not a nation.” – Ronald Reagan. If we let countless illegal immigrants in they will take jobs of our citizens and who knows maybe a few are apart of ISIS. National Security because the people of this country have a right to be safe and feel safe and they will with me in office.
  12. What is one reason delegates should support you over the other candidates? I am going to unite our country because I think we can all agree we are not going in a good direction. We WILL stop illegal immigration, we WILL stop nation spending, and we WILL increase our military spending!