Joey Porter Presidential Questionnaire

  1. Name : Joey Porter
  2. School and. Year in School : D.C.Everest Junior High School
  3. Why did you decided to run for president?: To prove a point that anyone can be president.
  4. Why did you deserve your party’s endorsement for president? : I deserve my party’s endorsement because I stand up for everyone not only for myself.
  5. If elected President, what would be your first item of action and why? : To make sure everyone is equal because it’s then not technically freedom in the US
  6. Jobs and the economy have been the central themes of recent elections, what would you do to help improve our nation’s economy and create more jobs? : We need to create more jobs to ensure that the people and government have money.
  7. What do you think is our biggest threat to national security, and what action would you take to combat that threat? : Our biggest threat is terrorism. America need to be prepared for anything rather than waiting for it to happen then deal with it later.
  8. Immigration has been a hot- button issue in this presidential campaign season. Would you institute any type of immigration reform, and if so, what would that reform look like? : the reform would be stricter border patrols, stricter docks and ports.
  9. What is your stance on gun control and what measures, if any would you take to change the current laws regarding guns? : We need background check on everyone with the purchase of a gun.
  10. What is your stance on the Affordable Care Act? Do you think it needs to be repealed, refined or expanded? How? : It needs to be expanded because the more America is in debt the less money people have so they can’t pay for a lot.
  11. What issues are most important to your campaign and why?: Bullying,Racism,Debt,Terrorism,Equality these are arguments that happen in and out of the United States.
  12. Pick two of the issues you identified in response to question #11. How would you address those issues? :Bullying and Equality, I would address these two by making sure everyone has rights and getting help for bullying.
  13. What is one reason delegates should support you over the other candidates?: I care about everyone’s opportunity and rights over mine.
  14. Social Media: Facebook (Joeyporterforpresident) Snapchat (Joeyp4president) Instagram (Joeypforpresident) Twitter (Joeyp4president)
  15. Bullying

Bullying in schools and public places are getting out of control these days. It’s at the point where kids would rather die than go to school or anywhere else because they are being so emotionally abused that they think suicide is the only way out. We need to give consequences to kids who are hurting these people because no one should be treated like aren’t worthy.


I think racism is a huge problem today in this generation. This problem has been happening over generations. African Americans,Hispanics,and many different races have fought their way to have rights like everyone else. Today in this nation we have problems with the KKK, Police, and Neo Nazi’s. These groups should not be hurting people physically,mentally,or verbally. Even if it’s restricting their freedom of speech it’s not fair to everyone to be treated like this we need to put restrictions on these groups.


In this nation we have a problem with everyone not getting the rights they deserve. Women get paid less, more African Americans are in jails than any other race. Many same sex couples weren’t able to get married until a year ago. People are now just getting their rights after hundreds of years? It doesn’t make any sense that people should have to fight for something they deserve.


In this economy we have been having problems with money. The government not having enough money or government spending too much money. We need more jobs and better collage opportunities make more money for the economy. The more collage someone has and if we offer more jobs America will have more money. Also America needs to stop having wars it’s what’s causing most of our debt.


I believe that America needs to be more prepared when it comes to attacks. We can’t just let it happen then do something about it after. We need to prepare before and after an attack happened. We need bomb shelters in public areas,we need the military to be ready when it happened. There needs to be more hospitals near public places so people can avoid traffic and risk the lives of the people who are injured.