Eli Alsteen

Eli Alsteen was born on July 20th, 2001 in Wausau, Wisconsin. He grew up in a small family with his parents and younger brother and sister. As a young kid, Eli enjoyed playing baseball and CNN politics. He learned how politics work and developed many strong opinions on political topics. He was strongly involved with the 2008 election, and joined as many kids voting opportunities as he could. Today, Eli is well involved with politics and the current debates. If there is a televised event with a debate, he is watching it.

Party platform:

With America being one of the best countries economically, this brings many people from other countries in search of a greater life. These people are not the focus of my campaign. I and more focused on the people that are coming into our country illegally. I will increase border patrol security to make sure that there are no unwanted people here. I also plan to have more funding to the INS (Immigration and Natural Services) in order to keep a better eye out for illegal aliens in America.

Every person in America has the right to own any type of firearm if they choose to. This is basically stated in the second amendment and we can not go against what our constitution states. It is never the gun that kills anyone, on the person that is holding it. This is a bigger problem that gun control. America needs to focus more on the people within the country than the guns in our country. This is what I plan to do with America, not take away its guns.

Abortion is a very controversial topic in America, especially in cases of rape. My standpoint on abortion is it is wrong and should not be executed in America. Every human being deserves the right to live and be a part of this world. If a person does have a child that they can not take care of, they can always be given up for adoption and go a place that is a better home. Abortion is not right and does not make any sense.

One big struggle that is worldwide and is also in our country is terrorism. Many people have been left broken-hearted since the attack on September 11th, 2001. Now today, terrorism is the biggest threat our country faces. In order to try to prevent this, I will do more background checks on immigrants from other countries. A national database will also be created for newcomers so keeping track of people will be easier.

People in America are dealing with are hard life when it comes to having a life and dealing with jobs. As a presidential candidate, I plan to change this for the better. I hate to see people in struggle trying to deal with something that they have the right to, life. In order to do this, I will demand more products that are created in America, which will create more American jobs. I also plan to lower college tuition which will allow students to get a better education, which means better job opportunities.


  1. Eli Alsteen
  2. From the D.C Everest Junior high school of Weston Wisconsin
  3. Likes debating and making America great.
  4. I deserve my party’s endorsement for president because I can get things done the right way the first time.
  5. If elected president, what would be your first item of action and why? (A) My first action of president would be to nominate conservative justice that will lead our country in a God honoring direction.
  6. Jobs and the economy have been the central themes of recent elections, what would you do to help improve our nation’s Economy and create more jobs? (A) In order to improve our nation’s economy I would demand more products to made in the U.S. And create more jobs we will lower college tuition and guide high school students into higher college education for better job outputs and internships. We could also increase tourism.
  7. What do you think is our biggest threat to national security, and what action would you take to compact that threat? (A) Our biggest threat in national security is letting people from the Middle East into our country. In order to combat this issue, we would increase background checks for foreign people and create a national database for people coming in.
  8. Immigration has been a hot button issue in this presidential campaign season. Would you institute any kind of immigration reform, and if so, what would that reform look like? (A) We would institute more national border security, especially on the Mexican border in order to reduce the amount of illegal immigrants in our country. We would also give more money to the INS for finding illegal aliens in our country.
  9. What is your stance on gun control on gun control, and what measures, if any, would you take to change the current laws regarding guns?(A) My current stands on gun control, is that everyone in America has the right to own and purchase a gun. It is a constitutional right of the American people to own a firearm. We can’t let this right go away otherwise we do not know what rights will follow.
  10. What is your stance on the Affordable Care Act? Do you think it needs to be repealed, refined or expanded? And how? (A) The affordable healthcare act should be refined. It shouldn’t be forced to have health care for everyone but the concept behind health care is good.
  11. Abortion because lot of infants are dying. Immigration because there is a lot of illegal immigrants. Terrorism because of all the nations threats. Gun control because guns are being threatened by liberals and it’s a constitutional right.
  12. Pick to issues you identified in response to question #11. How would you address those issues? (A) Abortion- take away government funding from abortions and make it private funding.
  13. What is one reason delegates should support you over the other candidates? (A) I deserve to have people vote because I have a good work ethics, I think of the people first, I want to change the country for the better.

The nation’s biggest threat is terrorists coming in from the Middle East. In order to combat this problem, we should create a low risk system that increases the knowledge of each immigrant coming from the Middle East.

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